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Protect Your Investment

Knowing what your investment is worth and protecting it is the first step in having it last a lifetime. Our insurance replacement appraisals are the perfect option for all jewelry including watches, diamonds, and precious metals. These are available by item, along with complete estate appraisals, which are available at an hourly rate.

Fine Watches

The hallmark of any piece of fine jewelry is how beautiful and intricate the design is. The greater the attention to detail, the more unique and revered the pieces is. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to the world of designer watches. At Carats, we invite you to come visit us and discover for yourself why we think branded watches are such an important aspect of fine jewelry that we put the word watches in our name.

Buy, Sell or Trade Jewelry & Fine Watches

Bring in your diamond, jewelry or time piece to our jewelry store in Sarasota, FL to be purchased by us or apply it towards a trade-in to upgrade your current piece. We can also update your old into new by reworking it into a custom design that is only limited to your imagination.

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